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These straight-sided wide-mouth jars range from ⅛ ounce to 32 ounce capacity, and are usually the least expensive and most economical of the three jar types. They're used for everything from car polish, to glitter, to leg wax, to pasta sauce.

I need some help
I need some help
I need some help

33mm-400 Crystal Clear Polystyrene, Smooth Side & Top, Unlined Cap

Item Code: 33CD-PS-UC

Color/Plastic: Crystal Clear Polystyrene (#6 PS)

Diameter (Neck thread finish): 33mm-400

Price per item: 0.135

Case count: 2760

Price per case: $372.60

Stocking status: In stock


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To purchase more than 25 cases, please call for direct assistance at 866.93.TARAL (82725)
Height: 0.45"

Inside opening diameter: 0.0"

Case dimensions: 19"

Case Weight: 19.6 lbs

Cases per LTL: 56

Cases per truck: 63

Freight Class: 85

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